Raahil Chopra
Sep 11, 2015

Spikes Asia 2015: 'Only human creativity can create AI'

Yasuharu Sasaki, ECD, Dentsu Inc took the crowd through an AI vs human creativity session

Spikes Asia 2015: 'Only human creativity can create AI'

In his session titled, 'Creativity in Pre-Singularity Age', Dentsu Inc's ECD, Yasuharu Sasaki on day two of Spikes Asia 2015, explained why human creativity will remain relevant in 2045, an age predicted for AI to run.

He started by saying, "The secret weapon we and everyone possess is creativity. Advertising creativity is using data and technology for it."

He backed this by showing two examples where data and technology have helped advertising.

Sound of Senna for Honda


Reviving Legends for Japan Sports Council

"It's been told looking ahead to 2045, digital technology would have evolved to a level that AI will surpass the human brain. So does that mean creativity will not be needed?" asked Sasaki.

He followed this by examples of how the future may have 'already come'. "AI has already entered fields where human creativity need to enter. "Will AI take over our jobs? "

Chef Watson

Roelof Pieters' Deep Dream Project

Music X-ray (Uses data of the past to reveal and predict the next big musical hit)

Fencing Visualised


He followed these examples by answering his question, "No, AI will not take over our jobs."

He showed two pieces of work in which Dentsu has been involved - Pepper with Softbank and Matsuko - Roid.


He explained, "Pepper is available to the public for US$ 1,600. It's a communication partner and engaged with people. Pepper has technology, science and human creativity. But, the unpredictable creativity a human possesses is still important. AI is still inept at this."


Matsuko-Roid is the android version of the Japanese celebrity Matsuko Deluxe. Sasaki explained, "It's a product after collaboration with Hiroshi Ishiguro, director of Intelligent Robotics and Dentsu. Matsuko-Roid is the world's first android celebrity. It looks real, but human sense is different. This is where human creativity works as a skill."

After showing a conversation between Matsuko-Roid and a boy, he explained, "The boy spoke to him like a human because of the Android's eye contact, responses and body language."

He surmised, "But the easiest interface for a person to interact with is an other person. That's why we still need advertising creatives. In 2045, the more technology develops, the more importance of creativity will increase. However, mediocre ideas may not be able to beat AI. We need strong creativity that can manipulate AI. Only human creativity can do that. Only human creativity can create AI."

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