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Sep 29, 2014

Spikes Asia 2014: ‘Innovate the new and innovate the existing’ - Isobar's Jean Lin

The agency's global CEO urged digital marketers to be 'personal, adaptive and valuable'

Spikes Asia 2014: ‘Innovate the new and innovate the existing’ - Isobar's Jean Lin

Speaking on Day Four of Spikes Asia 2014, Jean Lin, global CEO, Isobar, described what a digital agency, and the power of digital, could do.

Lin said, “The power of digital makes it so much easier to do things these days. People and technology coming together is what we’re looking to do. We want to create excitement and that can only be done if we wake up every morning with an empty mind. The rate of change of society is a function of the age at which youth are introduced to the dominant technology of the time.”

The dominant technology was communications in the 2000s, and automobiles in the 1900s. While automobiles had a 16-year cycle, according to the speaker, communications in this generation transforms in a four-year cycle.

She added, “With this, now it’s important for us to create border-less ideas that enable technology to transform businesses and brands.”

The Isobar leader went on to showcase some of the work entered at this year's Spikes festival.

The 3D Photo Made By Everyone

Lin made the point that innovation does not have to be something 'out of the blue', underlining that one could innovate by 'innovating the existing'.

Two cases highlighting current human behaviour followed.

Melbourne Remote Control Tourist

“Getting tourists to blog is an old behaviour. Technology just added the customised aspect,” Lin said.

Coca Cola

The speaker said, “Digital technology gave a touch into something existing. Digital should look to do more and more of stuff like this.”

Personal, adaptive and valuable

Lin urged people to think of ideas that added a personal touch, and were adaptive and valuable. She said, “When people think of ideas, they look at ideas that can sell and achieve scale. Instead, you look at ideas that can be personal, adaptive and valuable.”

Some more examples followed:

The Guardian Angle

It worked on the insight that nearly one in five women has been raped in her lifetime (based on a US national study). More than 90 per cent of that number is by someone they know. A simple intervention was created to help women disrupt the chain of events and call for help as soon as possible to prevent the act.



The mobile app is designed to help bring the lost elderly home. It is paired with Soargon shoes, which are inserted with GPS chips to set the radius of travel range. Once the elderly exceed the pre-set travel range, distress signals are generated to paired mobile numbers.

Applying Innovation Principles to Marketing

Lin ended her session urging the industry to apply innovation principles to marketing. She said, “Complexity needs to be out, and innovation needs to be in. Innovate the new and innovate the existing. Be personal, adaptive and valuable. Look to create an environment that empowers ‘Powers of Innovations’. Look for new roles of agency as choreographers of 'Narrative Spaces for Brands'.”



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