Arati Rao
Dec 06, 2010

Somany Tiles guns for younger imagery through new TVC

Lowe Lintas has created the new campaign

Somany Tiles guns for younger imagery through new TVC

The new TVC for Somany Tiles created by Lowe Lintas, aims to introduce the 38-year old brand to younger customers. Abhishek Somany, joint managing director, Somany Tiles, said, "Somany is a 38-year old brand which carries a certain legacy with it. But the age profile of people buying homes has gone from 34 to 28 years now, and we needed to connect with a new audience. So, we recreated the logo to give the brand a fresh, new look. We've also done a lot of internal work on our offering with an emphasis on design and innovation, and we needed to translate that to the public."

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In the TVC, two men are travelling in a van on the beach, when the van gets stuck in a hole in the sand. To get it out, one man places a Somany Tile in front of the wheel so it can work as a plank, and the other drives the vehicle out over it. The Somany Tile is then wiped clean, and shows no signs of damage. The voiceover then highlights the VC Shield of the tile, and says, "Somany Tiles. Kuch nahin bigadega." 

Amer Jaleel, national creative director of Lowe Lintas, said, "We didn't want to do a regular tile commercial. The brief was that since Somany has been off television, how do they come back with a distinctive feature.The first point was  a unique message which was the VC shield. The second point was not to set the film in a house. The film was shot on a beach in Kerala and the cast was from Kerala (we felt there were not many Malayalee ad films out there). Then the director Nikhil Rao said he knew a really nice sounding track to go with it, and we used that too."


Chairman and chief creative officer: R Balki

National creative director: Amer Jaleel

Executive vice president: Syed Amjad Ali

Executive vice president - Planning: Vikram Satyanath

Unit creative director: Uday Shankar Rao

Creative director: Rajiv Agarwal

Associate vice president: Gaurav Jhingran

Brand services director: Nomit Joshi

Production house: Chrome Pictures

Director: Nomit Joshi

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