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Jan 10, 2012

Sandeep Vij to move out of DDB Mudra

Vij is DDB India's chief executive officer, and DDB Mudra Group's chief knowledge officer and executive director

Sandeep Vij to move out of DDB Mudra

Sandeep Vij, chief executive officer, DDB India, and chief knowledge officer and executive director, DDB Mudra Group is moving out of the group after a cumulative 22-year stint. Vij first joined the company in 1988, and then joined back in 2002 after a brief entrepreneurial stint to cofound Banyan Netfaqs! Private Limited.

Commenting on the development, Vij said, “It was great working with Mudra where I have spent a considerable amount of my time. I had two completely different stints with the Group. The first stint was more of a smaller company being built up to create a larger one, while the second stint was more of scaling up an advertising agency into a 360-degree communications group.”

While no replacement has yet been announced for the post, it is understood that Madhukar Kamat, group chief executive officer and managing director, DDB Mudra Group will handle the responsibilities for the time being. Vij will return to in full time capacity to the entrepreneurial venture – Banyan Netfaqs! Private Limited - he co-founded in 1999, where he intends to launch more publications under the banner.

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