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Dec 28, 2011

SABMiller India launches 'Respect The Road' campaign

Listen to the radio ads created as part of the campaign, by Enthuse Answers

SABMiller India launches 'Respect The Road' campaign


SABMiller India has introduced the second leg of its campaign ‘Respect the Road’ in the NCR. Launched in October 2011, this campaign focuses on creating awareness about responsible behaviour while driving. As part of the campaign, SABMiller India has collaborated with Home Safe - a chauffeur service in the NCR. 

This campaign has been created by Enthuse Answers. 

Meenakshi Sharma, vice president, sustainability and communications, SABMiller India, said, “Supporting responsible drinking behaviour is one of the core sustainable development priorities for SABMiller worldwide. In India too we are engaged in promoting responsible approach to alcohol consumption. Keeping in mind the high probability of increase in drunken driving cases during the festive celebrations, we have expanded the scope of activities under this campaign to motivate people to follow traffic rules and not to mix drinking and driving. We are happy to support Gurgaon traffic police through this initiative”

The initiative supports and promotes responsible drinking, encouraging the use of alternatives to drinking and driving such as hiring a driver, renting a cab or having a friend drive one home. SABMiller India has rolled out this this campaign in popular pubs in Gurgaon, at petrol pumps, on Facebook and via radio. 

Listen to the radio ads







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Client: SABMiller India
Tied up with HomeSafe (a chauffeur service in NCR); Shiven Madan and Nikhil Saigal (Directors)
Magazine partner: Ambrosia
Creative agency: Enthuse Answers
Head: Aaditya
Radio tie up: 93.5 and 95 FM

(Campaign India note: This report has been updated with corrections. Our apologies to SABMiller for the errors.)

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