Roku is India's most searched streaming device: Mobile Majority Trends report

iPhone is the most searched smartphone and Alexa is ahead of Google Home among consumers searching for smart home gadgets by Indian consumers

Feb 06, 2018 08:51:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Jana, the provider of free internet access, announced findings from its new Mobile Majority Trends report, which takes a look at e-commerce trends and mobile search volume in India. The research was conducted over the last six months (July-December) of 2017, where popular search terms were analysed across popular categories and brands within the mCent browser app. More than 1.6 million mobile searches were studied overall as generated by mobile subscribers in India.
Topping the list of shopping categories among Indian shoppers included laptops that accounted for 30.89 per cent of all searches followed by cameras (26.68 per cent), tablets (15.73 per cent) and smartphones (15.50 per cent). 
Among smartphones, iPhone 8 led the pack as the most popular searched for brand (19.26%), followed by iPhone X (13.72%), Vivo V7 (10.60%), Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (9.81%) and Google Pixel (8.58%). 
Roku (54.38%) was the most popular streaming device in the country with Apple TV coming in second (28.13%), followed by Google Chromecast (13.31%) and Amazon Fire TV (4.17%).
In the smart home category, Amazon products drove an overwhelming majority of searches (94.42%) against Google Home (Max, Mini) (5.50%). The report showed that Apple was a dominant brand in India even with the pervasiveness of Google and Android device use. 
Jana is a leading provider of free internet access. The Mobile Majority report is the first in a series of insights and trends on mobile browsing behavior from subscribers in emerging and high growth markets.