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Jul 15, 2011

RKCR/Y&R develops tool to help creatives keep track of awards submissions

'T-minus' is a free and customisable digital tool to keep track of the awards

T-Minus screensaver
T-Minus screensaver


 Struggling with keeping track of the advertising industry's numerous award shows, digital agency RKCR/Y&R has developed 'T-minus', a customisable digital tool to help all creatives facing the same problem.
The free service was created by Steve Moss and Jo Finch at RKCR/Y&R in collaboration with digital developers B-Reel.
Users can visit the T-minus webite and choose from 130 globally registered awards, download their personal calender as a dynamic screensaver. The infographic screensaver tracks not just the awards entry date but the dates in which the work needs to run in oder to qualify for entry.
Damon Collins, creative director at RKCR/Y&R said the idea sprang from a sheet of layout paper Moss and Finch kept on their desks which listed award deadlines they'd manually cross off. "We thought it would be great to create a digital  version of those scraps of paper: a utility that anyone who had ever suffered that last minute panic of 'Christ, it needs to have run by next week and it’s not even shot yet!' could benefit from.”
Mark Wheeler, art director at B-Reel explained that the team had decided on a format that was non-intrusive, yet informative. "(It is) a screensaver that passively reminds you of deadlines – as well as detailed reference information in the form of a fast, flexible, one-page website that's accessible from anywhere."
The team is currently looking at ways to monetise the service with product enchancements. Ideas include an archive of past winners, an awards newsfeed and social networking functionality.

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