Raahil Chopra
Nov 02, 2010

Rediffusion's new TVC for LG Optimus highlights LG's app advisor

The two TVCs show the functionality of the applications present

Rediffusion's new TVC for LG Optimus highlights LG's app advisor

Rediffusion Y&R’s Delhi office has conceptualised two new TVCs for LG’s new range of android handsets called the LG Optimus.  

The TVCs talk about the helpfulness of the phone in situations shown in a taxi and cheese shop in Pattaya and Bangkok. A user uses the language translation tool to convey his message to the taxi driver in one TVC, while the other TVC shot in a cheese shop shows, a person with the help of his Optimus finding out the quality of the cheese being purchased. 

Commenting on the commercials, Minakshi Achan, chief creative officer, Rediffusion Y&R, said, “The situations were carefully selected after observing what sort of life our audience lives. And hence an international look and feel. These are attitudinal films and juxtapose the life of an executive to the gadget one should carry” 

“This was our opportunity to showcase what sits at the centre of every LG phone- ‘Life enrichment’”, added Achan. 

Abhik Santara, business head on the LG business, Rediffusion Y&R, said “Smartphones are not new nor is the Android platform, but the way we use it is. Technology is otherwise cold and sterile, what we bring to the table is optimistic energy. LG apps advisor is our differentiator in making complex things approachable and interesting to all of us. “ 

On the concept used for the Taxi TVC, Santara added, “We had a slightly different story on the Taxi film. But a real scenario faced by me and Jaideep Mahajan (creative director) inspired this whole ‘language issue’ film. We were made to go round for an hour to locate a particular eating joint. The place was a revolving restaurant on the 64th floor, which is fairly unique, but the changed name of the place (from what it was earlier), made our interaction with the driver a really long one.” 

The film was directed by Ashim Ahluwalia of Future East production.

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