Pseudo Kramer
Nov 25, 2011

Pseudo Kramer's Blog: Zoo Zoo campaign

In his final blog, Pseudo Kramer hacks into the the mailbox of an account director in a fictitious agency and shares the client's first reaction about the Zoo Zoo campaign

Pseudo Kramer's Blog: Zoo Zoo campaign

To : Account Director

Fm : Marketing Department

Thank you for presenting the zoo zoo campaign to us last week.

After the meeting we spent some time as a team discussing the campaign and had some minor points for your consideration.

1. The look of the characters is a bit unfriendly. As they are inanimate we feel the audiences will not be able to relate to them. And as our brand is a warm and friendly one we believe this is an important point. please examine waysto make them more human.

2. The legal team believes that having both characters in white could be construed to be racist. They recommend having either a mix of colors or at the least 1 white and 1 black.

3. The sounds the characters utter are not very clear. It is quite likely that the audiences will think there is something wrong with the sound on their tv and this can cause irritation with the brand. We should get rhe words uttered by the characters to be understood. This of course gives the chance for us to delver some brand messages, which current,y is absent.

4. Lastly the name zoo zoo sounds rather strange. What does it mean? When you say zoo you expect to see animals. And there are no animals in this campaign. Also why two zoos? We need to reconsider the branding.

So in sum all that's required is to make 4 minor changes . A)make the characters more human b) add more colored characters c) make the sounds understandable d) revisit the name.

Overall we are very excited with the campaign and find it really different from everything out there. please convey our sincere gratitude to the creative team that developed this. We look forward to seeing the updated work later this week.

Best regards

Campaign India