Picks of the Week: Work that wowed us

Every Friday, Campaign India picks its favourites from the work published on the website

Oct 14, 2022 01:37:00 PM | Article | Campaign India Team

Campaign India's editorial team has picked their favourite campaigns from those published on the website during the week.


This week, the team at Campaign found three pieces of work that stood out. 


As always, we're going alphabetically:


Mia by Tanishq (conceptualised by Famous Innovations)

Beautifully encapsulates an array of women from different backgrounds embracing their insecurities and uniqueness. Goes beyond product placement by showcasing how the brand's designs empower these women to be themselves.
Swiggy (conceptualised by Talented)
A Swiggy ad asking viewers to share why they think it's a Swiggy ad? Going by the buzz it's created on social media, whatever the reason for it being a Swiggy ad, it's a great Swiggy ad! 
Truecaller (conceptualised by The Womb)

With the rising number of scam calls, the product feature of a red warning makes complete sense. The films communicate the same in a thrilling manner. Time for scam callers to stop the calling or be left 'red-faced'.