Ananya Saha
Jun 24, 2015

Patrika looks to 'Catch' netizens

Promises to 'deliver great substance in small pills' to the 18 to 45 age group

Patrika looks to 'Catch' netizens
Rajasthan Patrika Group has launched an online multimedia platform, Catch News. The beta site went live on 15 June 2015. 
“Catch News will focus to deliver original content and high quality news-on-the-run for an engaged but busy young generation. It will also create content for the deeper consumer of news with long formats supported by videos, podcasts, graphics and text to create both substance and speed; depth and diversity. Most crucially, it will also combine the two: it will deliver great substance in small pills. An issue articulated in two-minute videos. A story told in figures. A major investigation broken into bullets. The world in cheat sheets. Intimate video portraits. Culture guides, 300-word opinions etc.,” informed editor-in-chief Shoma Chaudhury.
Catch aims to reach out to those in the 18 to 45 year age group, in India and abroad.
On monetisation, the focus will be on brand solutions and native advertising. “At the same time there will be rich media ads available at a premium, and limited inventory assigned for ad networks, but with a more evolved approach of advance bidding to ensure optimum eCPM and fill rates,” she added. 
To differentiate and connect with the TG, Catch plans to build organic reach with help of social media and collaboration with relevant partners and platforms that are 'sustainable and scalable', by building social assets and contextual re-marketing, among other means.
“We will be taking up issues from socio-economic landscape and will engage people  by building synergies between the online and offline ecosystem,” surmised Chaudhary.
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