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Jul 18, 2017

Partner Content: #TheIntelligentPhones: Technology of tomorrow for the lives of today

Intelligent phones are more than just a gadget, it is a way of life.

Partner Content: #TheIntelligentPhones: Technology of tomorrow for the lives of today
Technology is more than just software and hardware. It is a life companion, a friend in need, a friend indeed. The improvements in technology have been subtly making our lives better and simpler to the point where we cannot imagine the world devoid of it.
Eluga series - the range of intelligent phones by Panasonic are made keeping your needs in mind. It aims to make the road smoother for the journey of life. They are affordable, thus making it accessible to everyone, without any compromise on features and performance. They enable you to face all situations with ease, as represented in the campaign by the journey of a boy along with his elder sister to meet their mother. A warm, human approach to present the phones’ features, the campaign brilliantly captures how technology and humans, performance and emotions, challenges and solutions, all intertwine to make your life shine through, with the support of Panasonic #TheIntelligentPhones. 
“Intelligent” here refers to the phones’ capability of anticipating your requirements and having everything you need at your fingertips. Be it finding directions to fix a flat tyre, figuring out the best route, paying for something, or connecting with loved ones - you wish it, you have it. It’s all about smarter technology for better lives. As Pankaj Rana, Business Head - Mobility Division, Panasonic India, puts it “If technology is to truly have some meaning in the lives of human beings, then it mustn’t be divested of humaneness. Rather it must be responsive to human needs.”
The campaign’s appeal lies in its relatability – everyone can empathize with the desire to go and meet loved ones and appreciate the importance of a companion who makes the journey easier. It’s beautifully shot, thanks to the award-winning cinematographer – Mitesh Mirchandani. The valleys of Rishikesh lend their beauty to make for some gorgeous shots. The exemplary fusion of brilliant production along with a strong message has resulted in the video reaching millions of views to make it one of the most memorable phone campaigns of the year.
Agency: Sociowash
Scriptwriter & Director: Tejender Sharma
Panasonic Team: Pankaj Rana, Amlan Pati, Dhruv Bahl
Consultant: Rohit Sakunia
Camera: Mitesh Mirchandani
Music: Saurabh Vaibhav
Sociowash Team: Raghav Bagai, Pranav Agarwal, Amit Dhawan, Riddhima Arora, Saurabh Patnaik, Saurabh Jain and Deepak Rawat.


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