Raahil Chopra
Apr 21, 2011

Orchard Advertising creates new campaign for BlackBerry messenger

WATCH all four TVCs here

Orchard Advertising creates new campaign for BlackBerry messenger

Orchard Advertising has created a new advertising campaign for BlackBerry that consists of four new TVCs. The campaign titled ‘Are you missing something’, shows how BlackBerry’s messenger (BBM) service has become the platform for friends to stay in constant touch with each other and also share things important to them.

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In the TVC titled “Four guys and a girl”, a group of four boys are shown talking to each other before a girl passes by, who instantaneously catches the attention of one of the four boys. They exchange glances there, then in an elevator and then in a bus, where the girl is shown wearing a bangle which has her BBM barcode on it. She turns the bangle towards the boy, who sees the barcode and adds her on his BBM service.

In “Music lovers”, a girl is shown listening to a song on her BlackBerry and sharing it amongst her friends via the BlackBerry messenger so that even they can enjoy it.

In the third TVC, titled “Classnote”, a boy is standing outside a classroom wanting to ask a girl out for coffee. He sends her a note via his friends in the class and waits until she reads it. The advertisement then shows if he would’ve sent it via BBM, he wouldn’t need to make this effort, as via the messenger he would know exactly when she would’ve read it.

In the fourth TVC titled, “New car”, a person who’s just bought his new car, changes his status message on his BlackBerry to intimate his friends about that. With a change in status message everyone on his friends list get to know about it instantly and people are shown congratulating him wherever they see him.

Commenting on the campaign, Hemant Kumar, executive creative director, Orchard Advertising, said, “Unlike other chat platforms, BBM is an intimate space with only close friends allowed into the haloed circle. That’s how ‘Are you missing something?’ came alive."

Rajiv Vishwanathan, vice president, Orchard Advertising, added, “We chose to move away from talking about the features and stress and focused  more on the underlying emotions.”

Ajay Menon, creative director, said, “Storytelling was crucial and I think the films connect was enhanced by the music.”

The films were put together by Fracois Merlet and Sunil Manchanda from MAD Productions with music by Vicky Goswami. The four TVCs are also supported by an on ground initiative to educate youngsters about the potential of the BBM.

Agency: Orchard Advertising
Executive creative director: Hemant Kumar Sivan
Creative director: Ajay Menon
Vice president: Rajiv Vishwanathan
Brand director: Ameya Mohane
Production house: MAD Entertainment
Director: Francois Merlet
Producer: Sunil Manchanda
Music Director: Vicky Goswami 

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