Opinion: A new ‘kool’ language by Patanjali

Tan man dhan – IndiaPan – resonates with the audience says the marketing professor at IIM Ranchi

Apr 24, 2019 12:27:00 PM | Article | Anubhav Mishra

Colgate ka gate band hone wala hai (roughly translated as the 'gate' of Colgate is going to be shut). These famous words are from none other than the Yoga Guru and business man Baba Ramdev from Patanjali, who does not need any introduction. Patanjali has changed the rules of the game specially in FMCG and grocery product categories with innovative distribution and channels. 
After storming the grocery and FMCG categories, Patanjali has ventured into apparel category which is very tricky and different from the usual atta, shampoo stuff. First, the target audience is very different. The young generation knows what’s in fashion, what is considered cool. So, Patanjali needed altogether a very different and fresh communication to make their brand appealing to new consumers. While their earlier marketing was focused around swadeshi theme, the same won’t work with apparel in its original avatar. 
Their campaign on Patanjali apparel brand ‘Paridhan’ (conceptualised by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi) is really refreshing! The first noticeable things is the use of vibrant color and wonderful music. The catchy theme is Tan, man, dhan – Indiapan- that’s really creative and wonderful. The use of Hindi suffix ‘pan’ with India is very interesting, as the ‘pan’ is commonly added in everything young india does including slang! 
The lyrics are also carefully crafted which include the typical rebel and questioning attitude, such as “Disco me dhoti, office me khadi, kyun nahi?” (Why one can’t wear dhoti in disco and khadi in office?). One can also see amazing visual glimpses of India – from Palaces, Kathputli, scenic Kerala, wedding, roller-skates in streets, Diwali and many more (watch the ad few times to observe such a wonderful mix of spices to get a beautiful ad dish!). In fact, a few times of hearing the ad might make you sing along with it – that’s the beauty of wonderful music than enhances the ad appeal. I guess you may hear it more in the coming times probably as a mobile ringtone. 
Well done, Saatchi & Saatchi! Time to “Root se apne jud jao fir, ..kam nahi kisi desh se” (Time to relink with our roots .. as we are no lesser than any other country).
(The writer is an assistant professor – marketing,  Indian Institute of Management Ranchi)