Arati Rao
Nov 09, 2010

New Emami Boroplus TVC draws on traditional Indian belief

The ad has been created by Everest Brand Solutions

New Emami Boroplus TVC draws on traditional Indian belief

The new Emami Boroplus TVC takes off from the traditional Indian belief of putting a black spot ("kaala teeka") to ward off the evil eye. The ad has been created by Everest Brand Solutions.

Directed by filmmaker Raj Kumar Hirani, the ad features people from all parts of the country (including Amitabh Bachchan) putting one white spot of Emami Boroplus on their cheeks. The commercial ends with the message that just like Indians use a black spot to protect themselves from the evil eye, they should use Emami Boroplus to protect their skin from the effects of winter.   

According to Harsha Agarwal, director, Emami, “Our brief to Everest had three components – the functional component which involved emphasizing Boroplus Antiseptic cream’s 36 hour moisture offering, its deeper penetration and nourishment; the heritage part that was about its 50 crore user base; and obviously our brand ambassador, Amitabh.”

D Rajappa, president, Everest, said, “Strategically, the time was right to give Boroplus the larger than life image and stature that it deserved, and it was high time Emami created an anthem for the brand. After much brainstorming, Safed Teeka happened at the perfect time, born out of a truly deep insight into the Indian ethos.”

N Padmakumar, national creative director, Everest, added, “Every culture in India understands the symbolic belief of applying a Kaala Teeka on the cheek to ward off the nazar, the evil eye. Our disruptive idea was to show a Safed Teeka instead of the black one, as something symbolic of what the brand offered.”

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Project title: Boroplus Ka Safed Teeka

Client: Emami

Brief: To communicate the fact that Boroplus antiseptic cream is the most preferred multipurpose cream in India

Creative agency: Everest Brand Solutions

Chief Creative Officer: N.Padmakumar

Creative Director: N.Padmakumar, Pramod Sharma

Copywriter: Sahana Prakash, Sandeep Gaur

Media agency: Prachar

Production company: Canvas Films

Exposure (tvc, print, etc): TV

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