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Aug 24, 2012

Must watch on TV: Tim Sebastian, ‘The Outsider’

Watch the TVCs and view the print and outdoor ads created by Triton for the show

Must watch on TV: Tim Sebastian, ‘The Outsider’


A campaign is on to build the buzz about a new show on Bloomberg TV hosted by Tim Sebastian of Hard Talk fame. In the format of a debate, ‘The Outsider’ will put the spotlight on key issues facing India, and is set for broadcast in 24 countries. The show premieres tomorrow, 25 August.

Triton Communications has created a campaign leading up to the show, across television, print, outdoor, and radio. The campaign highlights some of the topics the show will put in focus, while underlining Sebastian’s reputation as an interviewer.


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According to Sriram Kilambi, president, Bloomberg TV India, “The current debate shows on Indian television are more about outshouting the other person. With a debate in its classical form (like what you and I would have experienced in school and college), and with Tim Sebastian as the host, we have an ideal combination. A great debate moderated by a great moderator. “

Renton D’Sousa, chief executive officer and national creative director, Triton Communications, added, “I have been an admirer of Tim Sebastian since his Hard Talk days and have followed his Doha Debates as well. However, people like me are few in number and to attract the intelligent viewer in his direction, I had to project him as a rabble rouser. After all, in India, as much as we like to question the system, we get our backs up when an outsider does the same”.

Sandeep Srivastava, group business director, Triton, said, “With a plethora of undifferentiated debate shows, the host is more often than not promoted as the differentiator. Research reveals that the viewer is impervious to it. Though we do have a globally feted host and a debate in its pristine, pure form, the challenge is to get the viewers involved by appealing to their sense of nationalism. After all, we are all for Atithi Devo Bhavah as long as the Athiti doesn’t question our harsh realities.”

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