Shephali Bhatt
May 21, 2012

MMGB: Nike 'My Time is Now' campaign

The results of Champions League 2012 finals might have left a few football fanatics high and dry, but this Nike advert released for the championship won't

MMGB: Nike 'My Time is Now' campaign

If you are a Chelsea FC supporter, perhaps you don't need a Monday morning gloom buster, because for you it's time to celebrate the glory. But if you are a Bayern Munich supporter, or 'not' a Chelsea FC supporter, either ways you must be pining for a creative campaign right now. So, give yourself three minutes and relish the madness of Nike's new advert (again, if you have seen it already).

The ad was released for the 2012 European Championship earlier this season. This Wieden+Kennedy creation is titled, 'My Time is Now'.

WATCH the TV commercial here: 

Done exploring the tunnels towards the end of the video?

Now, get out of that tunnel which kept you busy through the weekend. Embrace this Monday because 'Your Time' could be 'Now' as well. Happy working.

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