Ananya Saha
Aug 19, 2013

'Media and digital fundamental to growth'

Q&A with Millward Brown’s James Galpin, director- media practice, Africa-Apac, and Prasun Basu, managing director, South Asia, on CrossMedia Research

'Media and digital fundamental to growth'
With 250 people across three offices in India, Millward Brown sees India as a strategic market for scaling up its media practice as it readies regional media analytics hub in Mumbai.
Introduced in India in 2011, CrossMedia Research from Millward Brown has seen 10 studies commissioned this year. The research studies efficacy of a medium independently and when combined with other media.
James Galpin, director- media practice, Africa-Apac, Millward Brown, explained the need of such a research for Indian media market, He said, “Advertisers are increasingly finding it necessary to use a range of media to ensure that they reach consumers. No longer can they rely solely on mass media such as television and print. For advertisers who are seriously concerned about the return on their marketing investments, it is important to understand how each medium is working independently as well as the combined effect of advertising spread across different media.  In order to meet this need, Millward Brown has developed CrossMedia Research.”
He added, “We researched and developed it about five years ago. Though it was introduced in India only last year, CrossMedia Research has scaled up only in the last couple of years. We did our first project in Asia in 2010. It is gaining traction since the output it delivers is highly relevant. CrossMedia Research looks at the most efficient return for each medium through frequency analysis. Used in conjunction with actual frequency data, this can provide useful guidance for future optimisation. The research also provides an understanding of the levels of over-exposure to different media.”
The research design and the questionnaire is customised for campaign objectives, and also has to be customised according to the brand, category, target audience, media vehicles used and length of the campaign, according to Galpin.
When asked about the challenges in executing the study that is often customised, Galpin said, “The media marketing strategies have become less TV-centric and driven a lot by digital, thus, becoming far more  multi-channel. And as that happens, it becomes difficult to assess performance of various channels. The challenge is not so much from outside than our own (Millward Brown’s). We need to scale up our own capabilities to meet demand. We have to improve our own processes.”
On the revenue targets from commissioned media research, he explained, “The targets for growth in media and digital space are toughest across regions. This year, so far, we are on track to achieve them. This space is fundamental to our revenue growth. Of course, it is relatively small compared to our big established areas but in the next five to ten years, I see media and digital space up there with our established products,” said Galpin without revealing actual numbers.
Prasun Basu, managing director, South Asia Region, Millward Brown said, “This media analytics practice sits on top of our other media research studies. In India, the study has seen aggressive growth – from zero studies in 2011, we are looking at 10 studies of date this year. The study has been commissioned by heavy media spenders in the country across personal care space, F&B, handset and technology, FMCG etc.”
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