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Jun 21, 2024

MasterChow takes retail route as it aims for higher growth

The D2C brand is working on an omni-channel approach, has increased marketing spends by 20% and is aiming to pick 10% Indian market share over the next few years.

Chef Ranveer Brar and MasterChow founder Vidur Kataria
Chef Ranveer Brar and MasterChow founder Vidur Kataria

Having introduced its offerings in Indian direct-to-consumer market in 2020, MasterChow is now expanding its presence to retail shores.

The ready-to-cook Asian staples brand has begun rolling out its products at retail stores in New Delhi and parts of North India. Further, it aims to be present in the Bengaluru and Mumbai retail market as well.

“We believe that an online-to-offline business model can significantly enhance our reach and customer engagement. Establishing a presence in retail stores allows us to make our products more accessible to customers who prefer shopping offline, thereby complementing our strong online presence”, Vidur Kataria, founder, MasterChow, tells Campaign India.

The company has recently introduced a range of products like schezwan chutney (sauce), momo chutney and chilli garlic chutney in the condiments category and has also roped in chef Ranveer Brar as its brand ambassador in an attempt to stand out in a cluttered packaged food category.

“Our collaboration with chef Ranveer Brar underscores our commitment to "Asli Chinese" flavours, setting us apart from others in the market. Additionally, we continually to explore new and unique flavors, ensuring our offerings remain fresh and exciting”, Kataria stated.

Vidur Kataria

Omni-channel approach

While D2C and retail are already being leveraged by the company for continued growth, quick-commerce is another big area of focus for the brand.

According to a report by Elara Securities, quick-commerce platforms in India contribute between 1-2% sales of major FMCG brands and 7-8% for smaller brands.

MasterChow is latching on to the trend and numbers. “Quick-commerce has significantly impacted our brand by enabling faster and more convenient delivery options for our customers," Kataria shared. "This has not only improved customer satisfaction but also boosted our sales by making our products more accessible.”

Marketing moves

With ‘Asli Chinese’ as its tagline, MasterChow wants to be known as a brand that uses genuine ingredients to deliver authentic Chinese flavours to its consumers.

“The tagline reflects our dedication to ensuring our customers experience the true essence of Chinese cuisine. We want to consistently focus on authenticity, quality and innovation”, Kataria said.

Brar’s addition to its marketing mix is another strategic move by the brand, leveraging his culinary expertise and passion for authentic flavours. "Chef Brar's reputation and credibility in the culinary world align perfectly with our brand's ethos of delivering "Asli Chinese" cuisine, helping us build trust and relatability with our audience,” Kataria added.

On his decision to back the brand with his credibility, Brar said the brand’s vision also aligned with his thought process. “The genuine flavours, use of high-quality ingredients, and dedication to preserving the essence of traditional Chinese cuisine truly resonated with my culinary philosophy,” he said.

“My queries to the brand primarily revolved around their sourcing practices, ingredient quality, and commitment to authenticity. I wanted to ensure that their products genuinely reflected the traditional Chinese culinary experience. MasterChow’s transparent approach...convinced me of their commitment”, Brar added.

The collaboration has resulted in a ‘Asli Chinese’ campaign that’s running across digital channels only but the brand says it intends to opt for ATL in near future as well.

“The current campaign is digital-only to target the tech-savvy, online audience effectively. However, we do plan to expand the campaign to mainstream platforms in the future to reach a wider audience”, Kataria informed.

Growth trajectory

For the financial year 2025 (FY25), MasterChow is aiming to achieve 25% higher growth target than the previous year. The company has also upped the marketing spends by 20% as compared to FY24 and has decided to dedicate a majority of it towards Digital.

“Our revenue growth target for FY25 is to achieve a 25% increase compared to FY24. We are focusing on expanding our product lines, enhancing our digital marketing efforts, and exploring new distribution channels to reach this goal”, Kataria said.

“For FY25, we have increased our marketing budget by 20%. A substantial portion of this budget is allocated to digital marketing, given the success and reach of our current campaigns. Influencer marketing remains a crucial part of our strategy, as it helps us connect with a broader and more engaged audience.”

The company is also eyeing to grab a bigger chunk of the industry pie as well.

“We aim to capture a significant share of the growing packaged food industry by targeting a 10% market share over the next few years. To achieve this, we are investing in product innovation, expanding our distribution network, and enhancing our marketing efforts to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty”, Kataria concluded.

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