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Jan 18, 2013

Mahindra embraces a new visual identity

Landor was involved in creation of the new identity

Mahindra embraces a new visual identity

The Mahindra Group has rolled outs its new visual identity in a bid to ‘reflect the evolving nature of the organisation’.

The change in visual identity includes a new hand-drawn word mark. The colour of the word mark has changed from grey to red. A ‘ridge’ has also been added to the identity and this will be present in all communication and print collaterals across the Group.  

WATCH S.P. Shukla on the new visual identity

Mahindra’s in-house team worked with Landor to create their new word mark style.

On the new visual identity, S P Shukla, member, group executive board,  president, group strategy, and chief brand officer, Mahindra, said, “The new visual identity is a lot more contemporary, edgy and sleek; it visually represents the changes the business is making to embrace and shape the future. It will also be depicted in the new energetic red colour, a deeper shade of the signature red, which is the primary colour connected with the brand. The ridge is inspired by Mount Everest’s ridges which lead to its summit. The ridge is an integral element of the visual identity and symbolises the pathway to achieving one’s potential and aspirations.”

Mahindra has also created various colour combinations for the ridge that will be used to distinguish the various businesses of the groups. The corporate and mobility business will be red, B2B business will be red-grey and B2C businesses will have different colour combinations.

On the reason for change, Shukla said, “We started as a jeep and tractor company 60 years ago. We are now a 90,000-crore company, inching our way to 1,00,000 crores. We are present in 104 countries and six continents. We need to encompass products and services and create distinct identities. Large groups need to change their identity every five to ten years; it’s been 12 since our last change.”

As with all visual identity changes, Mahindra too has laid down guidelines for the use of its brand identity. Mobility products will have Mahindra before the name of the product; example Mahindra XUV500 or Mahindra Xylo. While, a non mobility service will have Mahindra as an endorser; an example of this would be Mom & Me by Mahindra Retail.

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