Kiran Khalap’s Blog: What to do to make 2012 less like 2012 and more like 2012?

Kiran Khalap, co-founder, chlorophyll brand & communications consultancy, contemplates the two directions this year could take, and which path he will choose

Jan 02, 2012 03:21:00 PM | Article | Kiran Khalap

There are two 2012s waiting for us.

Apparently, the Mayan calendar suggests the end of time: in that direction lies disorder, disintegration, death.

Apparently, the Indian calendar suggests the beginning of satyug: in that direction lies truth, togetherness, life.

If we believe the world could go in either direction, we must believe it will because we want it to go in that direction.

I personally decide I would support Direction Number Two, starting with a simple principle: having realised how difficult it is to change myself, I will not expect or look at others to change. (At 53, you tend not to tell lies, at least to yourself).

Having made that (easy) decision after a sip of Old Monk, I hit a (difficult) wall: what can a lone brand consultant do anyway?

Then I realise, the brand consultant’s responsibility is a subset of the creative person’s responsibility.

And then, the creative person’s responsibility is a subset of the human being’s responsibility.

An ever-expanding circle of responsibility to the profession, to the gift, to the universe.

So here goes.

2012 Resolution One: as a human being, I will strive to become aware of everything within me that can lead me to become higher than a human being.  Whether through yoga or meditation or zen or vipassana. Because human problems cannot be solved by human means.

2012 Resolution Two: as a human being, I will live using fewer and fewer resources. I will not buy or use more for the sake of fashion or belonging. Because consuming as if the earth has infinite resources is the first step to destroying the earth.

2012 Resolution Three: as a creative person, I will share my gift to create more creative people. Because the creative person’s dharma is to unite and integrate, not divide and breakup

2012 Resolution Four: as a creative person, I will share my gift in multiple ways, harnessing new channels and creating new collaborations. Because openness leads to acceptance of multiple perspectives.

2012 Resolution Five: as a brand consultant, I will strive to explain that brands are about living up to your truth, not about colorful logos and glitzy advertising. Because more brands than ever are being created without either, just by living up to a promise: like Muji and Patagonia and Cafe Coffee Day and FabIndia.

2012 Resolution Six: as a brand consultant, I will strive to support brands that make a difference, whether they support children or lost Indian music or tigers or orphans.

Will it work for me?

Guess so.

Will it work for the universe?

Of course.

So long as remember what that word means: uni + verse: everything combined into one.

Happy 2012!