Isobar India names Pragati Rana as SVP - strategy

Was GM - strategy and operations at dentsumcgarrybowen

Jul 15, 2021 05:39:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Isobar India has announced the appointment of Pragati Rana as senior vice president - strategy. Rana will head strategy for the agency in India and aim to build an integrated planning team under her.
She moves from within the Dentsu group as she was GM - strategy and operations at dentsumcgarrybowen. 
Gopa Kumar, chief operating officer, Isobar said, “Isobar India is poised to become an innovation-first, fully integrated digital agency. We want people who not only understand the world of digital but also the world of brands and the world of the future, which is innovations, Pragati fits right in.”
Rahul Vengalil, chief business officer, Isobar, added, “The future of advertising is bringing together brand thinking and digital thinking to create an experience economy.  Pragati, with her experience and vision of creating a new age planning team, would help us to be the pioneers in this journey of creating an experience economy.”
Rana said, “An agency is future-ready when digital people can think of brands, and when brand people can think of digital and when both can think of the future - culture and innovations. My task is to help in creating a new species of mutant planners who can think of culture, brand as well as digital, social and innovations. I’m super excited about this task. Isobar India has a very ‘actively progressive’ culture built by the leadership team where people aren’t just open to learning but actually look forward to it. I, too, am looking forward to partnering with Isobar India in its upwards and onwards journey.”