I-Com Global Summit 2022: How Domex looked to spread confidence among the Mumbai local train consumers

Ajay Mehta, national head, Mindshare Content+, presented the case on day two of the ongoing I-Com Global Summit 2022

Jun 07, 2022 02:02:00 PM | Article | Raahil Chopra

Ajay Mehta, national head, Mindshare Content+, presented Domex’s ‘Disinfection Alert System’, an entry which is shortlisted at the I-Com Global Summit’s Data Creativity Awards 2022.
Domex entered a new category – that of disinfectants in 2020, soon after the pandemic hit. Being a new entrant, the brand’s challenge was to build resonance and credibility.
It was one of many brands that entered the disinfectant space when the pandemic hit, so Mindshare looked to build trust and conviction among the consumers.
Mehta explained, “From a consumer standpoint, there were people who were fearing touching surfaces because of the spread of Covid. Restaurants were operating with safety nudges about tables being disinfected which reassured customers. The insight was that the act of disinfection is only credible when we know how recent the disinfection is.”
So, Domex took this learning and partnered with the Mumbai Railways to aim to spread confidence among the Indian audience.
“The Mumbai Railways is the lifeline for Mumbai. It was opened after 11 months. We understood that every three seconds, two hands touch surfaces in the local trains. So, Domex played on the purpose and moved from brand speak to brand do, by physically disinfecting five of the top railway stations – CSMT, Dadar, Andheri, Borivali and Thane,” said Mehta.
Mindshare partnered with InMobi and gave out messages to commuters to tell them when the surfaces were disinfected across the above stations. It used location and time-based data to programmatically deliver the messages of disinfection in real-time, through 1,00,000 applications most used across those stations.