Arati Rao
Dec 09, 2010

HSBC Advance targets mass affluent consumers through new campaign

In India, the creative account is handled by Contract Advertising

HSBC Advance targets mass affluent consumers through new campaign

A new global campaign for HSBC Advance now has its Indian adaptation, which has been executed by Contract Advertising. HSBC Advance is a new paid for banking relationship, targeted at the emerging mass affluent segment estimated to be about 154 million worldwide.

According to Rayomand J Patell, associate vice president and senior creative director, Contract Advertising, “The creative idea for the campaign, is derived from the target customer’s aspirations and desire to progress to the next stage of their lives. The campaign line is, ‘Who could you be tomorrow?’”

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In the first TVC, in quick shots and transitions, a man is shown going from being single to getting married to becoming a father, as the voiceover says, “When your whole world changes, HSBC Advance can help your financial plans change too.” In the second advertisement, a man again transitions from taking a lunch break at his office desk in the present day to taking a career break in the future. The voiceover says, “HSBC Advance can help you save and invest for the one thing you really need in the future – time to follow your dreams.”

Patell said, “100 portraiture shots of faces from around the world for use in communications were commissioned from and shot by renowned photographer Robert Wilson. While the campaign line of ‘Who could you be tomorrow?’ and the portraits are key to maintaining uniformity on a global basis, each country’s campaign is tailored to suit its own market, in terms of the goals, aspirations, and ‘lifestages’ of the target audience. The Indian leg of the campaign is replete with very Indian ‘lifestages’ and goals. For example, ‘Today Daughter, Tomorrow Daughter in law’ is a subject rich in cultural nuance, as is ‘Today Living with your parents, Tomorrow Your parents living with you’. After all, in India we don’t forget about our parents once they have reared us.”

A print innovation was created for The Times of India, and the TVCs could also be seen on Youtube. “We selected Print, for the sheer reach and numbers it could get us and devised a simple contest that drove people to share their ‘tomorrows’ with us. Given that the look of the campaign is fairly distinctive with the portraits, an innovation on the front page certainly helped grab attention towards the contest on page three,” said Patell. “On YouTube, we took advantage of the masthead format that’s become popular fairly recently, to offer our target audience an opportunity to see our commercials as a revolving carousel. Each time you opened YouTube that day, you saw a new commercial. By driving our television content out on to social media, we’ve got many more people liking and sharing and linking back to the bank’s website to enquire about HSBC Advance.” A social media application is also in the works in India and will be introduced to complement communications in the next phase. “If successful, we trust it will be rolled out globally,” said Patell.

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Global campaign: Team HSBC, JWT London, Fitch

HSBC India: Maitri Kumar, Rajesh Iyer, Nikhil Rastogi, Gagan Arora

Contract India:

Creative: Juju Basu, Rayomand J. Patell, Irfana Biviji, Sheldon Sequira, Tarun Menon

Account management: Ayesha Ghosh, Tejas Mehta
Shambhavi Mishra, Janhavi Mirashi

Planning: Anand Damani

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