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Feb 07, 2022

How this copywriter and photographer duo ended up creating a global advertising agency, Chimp&z Inc

Advertising is an art that does not require a high qualification degree to create an impact. Creativity, commitment, and consistency pave the way forward. This copywriter and photographer duo established a global advertising agency from scratch with nine years of sheer dedication

Lavinn Rajpal (left) and Angad Singh Manchanda
Lavinn Rajpal (left) and Angad Singh Manchanda
What does it take for an advertising agency to successfully foray into the global market? An integrated marketing agency with an in-depth understanding of the consumer psyche in the international market. Merge Infinity Global Network is one such company that specialises in growth consultancy and digital transformation for its partner brands with cutting-edge technology. Before its establishment, both the thought leaders of the company made their bones in their respective fields. Angad Singh Manchanda, the CEO and co-founder chose the path of copywriting while working for a small agency and on the other side Lavinn Rajpal, the MD and co-founder decided to follow his passion for photography and cinematography. Starting from a simple conversation about digital evolution, to establishing one of India’s leading digital-led advertising agencies, the story of their success is now the glory of the global company. 
During the pandemic, when prominent businesses saw a downslope, Chimp&z Inc, a multifaceted creative agency from the house of Merge Infinity Network, went beyond its initial instincts and evolved to deliver impeccable marketing strategies for its international partner brands. To further challenge its potential, the agency is now set to widen the digital DNA in metro cities of Toronto and North American regions. 
Below is an in-depth conversation with the founders on their new expansion.
How has your journey with Chimp&z Inc been in the last nine years?
The start of any success story comes with struggles and opportunities. We went through hoops and hurdles before discovering the path towards digital advertising. Chimp&z Inc was a massive experiment for our careers. The first 3 years helped us crop phenomenal results for our brands which was a great motivating factor for us to expand our business offerings. More than the business outcome, this journey made us capable enough to call ourselves thought leaders of a growing digital advertising agency that aspires to rise above the realm of possibilities. One thing that has kept this agency going is its deep-rooted culture and ethos. We look forward to delivering remarkable results to our audience by keeping our values intact. 
What sparked the need for global expansion and how will it help the agency grow?
When you reach a certain degree of success as a business leader, you begin to consider the rewards of expanding into other regions, and early success often drives aspirations of global expansion. In our case, since the inception of Chimp&z Inc, global expansion has always been on our bucket list. Digital has now become a driving force for all industries, and as a digital agency, it was necessary for us to have a well-thought idea of expansion to avoid restricting to any geographic boundaries. The pandemic was a hindrance in this process, but eventually, it is all about the end goal. The saying "bigger is better" applies to enhancing brand image since audiences are more inclined to pay attention to companies with a global footprint. However, it doesn't imply that the agency needs to be a huge enterprise, but becoming a bigger fish in an industry's tide pool offers more visibility and branding options.
Who will manage the foreign offices and global brands that are onboarded?
The North American offices of Chimp&z Inc, led by Lavinn Rajpal and Angad Singh Manchanda will immediately begin efforts to employ a full-stack agency structure by creating positions for talent across technology, digital marketing, creative, and design verticals. The idea is to create a self-sufficient entity by onboarding local expertise across North American regions, to bring in a colloquial touch to the communication. Chimp&z Inc is also known for its commitment to inclusion and diversity, especially in the recruitment process. We are open to offering opportunities to people from all walks of life, regardless of any superficial boundaries. The agency has expanded tremendously over the years by collaborating with international brands such as UNICEF, Discovery Communications, BODOG, DHL, Mondelez International, Animal Planet, FCUK, Nivea, Acetute Learning, MG Motor, Kara Water NY, and more. This expansion will come in handy to penetrate the North American region with services such as digital integration, martech solutions, and performance marketing for clients worldwide. 
Competition in the global market can be quite demanding. How are you preparing to face it?
The expansion is not to compete with any global giants, but to sustain and flourish in the vast advertising industry. The growth of digital over the years has only expanded, and this brings in enormous opportunities for all advertising agencies to compete with themselves, rather than others. North American regions are bagged with some great agencies and leaders. We wish to work alongside and curate content that stands out while delivering more than what is expected by our clients. The advertising industry has always been dynamic in nature, and just like our 11 teams in India, we wish to create a similar module in global regions to position ourselves as a self-sufficient agency for all our brand partners and clients. We look forward to standing strong in the international market to deliver stories that matter. 
In your opinion, do the economic benefits of entering a global market outweigh the risks? 
The global expansion comes with a combo package of advantages and pitfalls. The cost of service increases with a rise in expenses. However, the aim is not to focus on economic benefits, but to drive the energy towards the creation of a global brand name that will overlook the benefits and risks of setting up a global entity. The objective is to create a strong brand name that is synonymous with the term “advertising.” When entering a new market, a company must adapt to the local norms and operate in accordance with them as there is a big parity in salary structures, rent agreements, and everyday functionality. As a result, it's imperative to work with the right professionals from the start who can help you stay compliant and implement responsible business procedures. However, one must be well-acquainted with the fact that building an agency in a new market takes time. In such a scenario, the desired outcome becomes achievable only with sheer hard work, consistency, and a well-defined vision.  
How is the expansion intended to provide unique opportunities for creativity and innovation?
Creativity and innovation are the major pathways for any business to be successful. Both these aspects are interrelated and are based on the pillar of authenticity. Regardless of how big or small a business is, if it holds the potential to create and innovate every day as a routine, then there is nothing to create a hindrance in its growth and future developments. Global expansion is conceived with ideas, innovation, and the inclination to create stories that lead the path to immeasurable success. To deliver such stories and opportunities, it is important for us as leaders to provide good briefs to our employees and listen to the ideas they bring to the table. All of this won’t be achieved with the snap of a finger, as this is just the first step. For Chimp&z Inc, a lot more excitement awaits in the coming years.
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