Raahil Chopra
Mar 22, 2018

Habitual offender? Olivia also plagiarised ad with Malaika Arora

The brand had copy-pasted a Streax film featuring the actor

Habitual offender? Olivia also plagiarised ad with Malaika Arora
Pakistani beauty care brand, Olivia was in the news earlier this week for running a commercial featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan during the PSL (Pakistani Super League) which was a 'copy-paste' of a B-Blunt film.
With the news creating quite a stir in both Pakistan and India, there were many who believed that it would have been the first and last time the brand did something like that. 
Apparently, this was not the first instance Olivia made a transgression.
In the past, the Pakistani brand had also run a two-film campaign featuring Malaika Arora. Both the films were a 'copy-paste' of ads that had been created for Streax, a hair colorant brand from the Mumbai-based Hygienic Research Institute (HRI). One of the films replaced the walnut visuals in the Streax ad (watch below)  with product visuals of Olivia.
Post the furore over the B-Blunt Kareena Kapoor Khan films that incurred the wrath of Mumbai's Godrej Group, the brand custodians of Olivia, Karachi-based Maskatiya Industries have pulled out the Malaika Arora films off their brand's website for now. Campaign India has shared the film details with the brand managers of Streax and Arora's managers. HRI comments were unavailable at the time of publishing the story. 
Arora who has been a brand ambassador for Streax in the past has denied any association with Olivia. 

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