Campaign India Team
Apr 24, 2014

GoDaddy appoints Bite as India PR agency

Bite’s brief for India includes strategic planning, campaign management, content creation and influencer relations.

GoDaddy appoints Bite as India PR agency
GoDaddy, the technology provider dedicated to small businesses, has appointed Bite as its PR agency. Bite’s India remit comes shortly after its appointment as GoDaddy’s US agency in February followed by a multi-market mandate, which now includes Europe.
“Bite has a great reputation for being able to land messages in a creative and compelling way with small businesses,” said Susie Penner, GoDaddy’s senior director of public relations, adding, “We understand the importance of a powerful content strategy for us to succeed in India and Bite’s expertise in this area will play an important role in helping us achieve our business goals.”
Bite’s India MD, Pranav Kumar, said, “GoDaddy is a hugely exciting brand with a great portfolio of products for small businesses at a time when the internet is at an inflexion point in India. With the sizeable number of SMBs in India and their significance to the economy, we look forward to building engagement for GoDaddy with this community built on its simplistic but creatively communicated messaging - that building a compelling online presence so essential to business success, has never been easier."
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