Raahil Chopra Arati Rao
Apr 20, 2012

Goafest 2012: "Digital is the air we breathe," says Tim Love, Omnicom

Tim Love and Jean-Yves Naouri talk about the 'Ideas that impact the full circle'

Goafest 2012:

Organised as part of the industry conclace, in his session on ‘Ideas embracing the full circle’, Tim Love, vice chairman, Omnicom, and chief executive officer, Omnicom APIMA, said, “We live in an interdependent and interconnected world, as taught by the financial crisis. The full circle is a necessity. We live in a post-digital world, we are up to our eyes in it,” he insisted. “Digital is the air we breathe. In the new world, there is more data that is present than ad professionals have ever had to deal with before. He added that people who can contextualise that data will excel.

“Principles win the game; Rules restrict innovation,” added Love. Talking about the principles of Omnicom Collaboration Value Chain, he elaborated, “Consumer is the client, clients reward us for helping with consumers. Secondly, put your brand first, the agency second and individual agendas third. Thirdly, share and reapply. Fourthly, let ideas lead - break bureaucracy of idea transfer. Lastly, build trust, it leads to improved team play.”
Love also stated that India's weaknesses are going to be their strengths. He said, "Even though internet in India is accessible only to eight percent of the people, those eight percent of the people switch content 27 times in hour. This number is higher in India than most countries. What's happening fro brands is not the amount of units, but the number of switches."
Jean-Vyes Naouri, chief operating officer, Publicis Groupe spoke about four ideas that brands should keep.
His first idea stated the importance of social networks. "People are multi-tasking, practicing sports, downoading and uploading. Children learn to read on a screen by the age of five. Facebook opened just five years ago, and if it was to be a country it would be the the third largest country in the world. People on the social network are our newest targets."
His second idea about EQ meeting IQ spoke about the importance of building an emotional connect for a consumer.
His third idea was about how people must engage with their consumers. He said, "Bringing fans on Facebook is not the idea, but engaging with them is. Like's dont matter in the long run, the goal is to build sustainable engagement and keep the coversation going."
His last idea was about having conversation with no boundaries. Giving the explanation of what they created for Elite's Chocolate Cow he encouraged brands to advertise outside their national boundaries.
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