Mukta Lad
Apr 09, 2011

Goafest 2011: "Only an idea with power to ignite passion will be shared"

Jake Baldridge, account director, StrawberryFrog, discusses the importance of ‘cultural movements’

Goafest 2011:

Jake Baldridge, account director, StrawberryFrog, was present at Goafest 2011, and was the last speaker for Day 2. Baldridge described how StrawberryFrog works on the ‘Cultural Movement’ motto and how it can help make monumental brands.

“What is a ‘cultural movement?’ Baldridge proceeds to explain. “It is nothing but a group of people coming together over an idea, to create change.”
In Baldridge’s opinion, a brand can speak, lead, curate and sponsor a mass movement. He says that there are three ways that set cultural movements apart from the rest. The first way is to start with the brand purpose and not with the product USP. Ask what the brand stands for and then marry it to the idea.
Next, it is important to figure out the brand’s cultural relevance. Lastly, the brand must work from inside out – one must always start with the brand as a core and then work towards the communication. Working the other way around is a mistake that most advertisers commonly make. “Only an idea with the power to ignite passion will be shared,” states Baldridge.
“Remember, a movement is made only if you nurture the first few followers. Don’t ignore them. They are the ones who bring in the other followers. There won’t be a movement without the first few followers,” he advises. “Be public as a brand, and be easy to follow.”
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