Raahil Chopra
Jan 06, 2011

Forgive people, urges Surf Excel in their latest TVC

WATCH the TVC created by Lowe Lintas here.

Forgive people, urges Surf Excel in their latest TVC

Taking Surf Excel's, “Daag acche hain”, idea forward, Lowe Lintas has created a new campaign for the detergent under Hindustan Unilever. Forgiveness is the idea used in this campaign, with the TVC showing a boy forgive his fellow schoolmates. 

WATCH the TVC now


This TVC opens with a group of boys pulling down their fellow schoolmates’ trousers and then going on to make fun of the boy. Their fun is short-lived though, as the head mistress of the school walks in to question the boys about their activities. When she gets no reply, she further goes on to threaten them about suspension if they don’t tell her about their activities. That’s when the boy, who was being ragged, saves the other boys saying, that he was practicing for the sack race and that’s why he was in such a situation. The boy then demonstrates his actions, by running around in muddy areas leaving the group of boys who pulled his pants down embarrassed by his action. As the head mistress leaves, the boys then go to apologise and thank the boy. The film ends with, the four boys united and shown having a sack race with the voiceover saying, “Daag ache hai”.

Commenting on the TVC, Arun Iyer, national creative director, Lowe Lintas, said, “This TVC is one more in the series of Daag ache hai. This time the thought we have used is, the value of forgiveness. The idea behind this TVC is that, forgiveness comes from the strong and the situation we have used is very real. Children do play pranks and the boy who eventually forgives is at a vulnerable stage, with his pants down. When the teacher comes, the boy could have easily complained, but he showed forgiveness that was shown through the use of stains.”

The agency is also in the process of planning an activation to support the TVC, which will roll out soon. 



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