Surf Excel lets a middle-aged woman get stained with the colour of youth

Watch the film conceptualised by Carlos Creatives

Feb 25, 2022 09:08:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Surf Excel has extended its 'daag ache hai' (dirt is good) brand proposition for its Holi film for 2022.
The film has been conceptualised by Carlos Creatives and features a lady who wants to join the celebrations for the festival but curbs her excitement stating that it's not her age to play Holi. A little girl sees that and has a plan to get her aunt involved. She covers herself with colours and runs to her aunt for a hug. This action imprints the aunt’s clothes with a colourful silhouette of the child. Pointing towards the imprint, the girl suggests that this child could play with them. The film ends with the voiceover saying, 'jo rang bachpan lautaye, woh rang achhe hain' (the colours that bring back one's childhood are good).
Prabha Narasimhan, executive director, home care, Hindustan Unilever, said, “This year we wanted to steer our ‘daag achhe hain’  towards bringing the inner child within each of us to life, and experiencing the joy of child-like abandon. With our latest TVC campaign, we aim to strike an emotional chord in a slice-of-life context that appeals to every adult. While the context in the film is that of Holi, the message is an all-pervasive one. We hope our consumers connect with it as much as we did while conceptualising it.”