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Jul 02, 2020

Emami 'shocked' by HUL's re-brand of Fair & Lovely for men

Threatens legal action against the company

Emami 'shocked' by HUL's re-brand of Fair & Lovely for men
Emami has issued a press statement through which it has stated that it is shocked to hear of HUL's decision to rename the men's range of 'Fair & Lovely' as 'Glow & Handsome'.   
The statement further reveals that Emami has legal ownership of Fair & Handsome and a week ago launched ‘Emami Glow & Handsome’ digitally. The application for the same has been made with the authorities.
The statement which was attributed to an Emami spokesperson added: 
Although shocked, we are not surprised to note HUL’s unfair business practice, which has been prevalent time and again to damage our brand image. It goes to prove Fair and Handsome’s strong brand equity in the market that the competition is wary of. We will be consulting our legal experts to address this further. 
Unilever had announced a re-branding of Fair and Lovely to Glow and Lovely following a company's decision to get more inclusive and take out 'white' references from its products.
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