Raahil Chopra
Nov 29, 2010

Dentsu uses crash test dummies in new TVCs for Estilo

The campaign consists of three TVCs

Dentsu uses crash test dummies in new TVCs for Estilo

Dentsu Creative Impact has used crash test dummies (CTD) in its latest campaign for Maruti's A2 segment car, the Estilo. The campaign consists of a total of three TVCs, two of them being on air already. 

The first TVC for the Estilo emphasises on the looks of the Estilo. In this a male CTD comes in to life because of the looks of the car and decides to drive the car. After the male CTD returns from his Test drive, he spots a female CTD and asks her to join him. The female CTD is shown to be impressed with the interiors of the Estilo. Impressed with the car and the her drive, she starts bonding with the male CTD. The film has the Bollywood song - 'Roop Tera Mastana' adopted for the soundtrack. 
The second TVC shows the male CTD proposing to the female CTD. The female CTD shows her disinterest by just looking away. With the Bollywood song, "Churaa liya" playing in the background and, the male CTD looks to do something innovative. He sees a bucket of red paint and drops it. After dropping it, he is shown getting into the car and using the new DP tech transmission technology, the male CTD manages to manoeuvre the Estilo in a way, that the tyres spread the red paint dropped by the male to form "Marry Me". This impresses the female CTD. 

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On the new TVC, Junichi Minohara, vice president and executive director, Dentsu Creative Impact,said, "Estilo is an important brand from MSIL in the A2 segment which is the most active and growing segment in the auto market in India. Since the launch of the new Estilo in Aug 2009, there has been an exponential growth in sales. The task we had was, to make the brand more broad basee, have an idea for communication which would be clutter breaking and that the idea should have a 360 degree presence."

On using the crash test dummies in their communication, Minohara said, "We were clear that there was a need to have unique characters which would later be identifiable with the brand. Crash test dummies (CTD) are intrinsic to the auto industry. The campaign story is that they ‘Come Alive’ thanks to the enlivening features of the Estilo. The CTDs as characters, are unique and a first in the Indian Auto communication."

"The characters are the soul of the thought / campaign. They are the icons who will drive the campaign and will feature highly in aiding memorability and recall. The characters are Crash Test Dummies who come to life due to Estilo. The unique features are rendered as great stories, each focusing on different features of Estilo. In a sense they are the Brand ambassadors. The two CTD’s have been used for the first time ever in the Indian automobile sector. CTDs have an instant connect with the automobile sector as they are an integral part of the category and they also serve as visually clutter-breaking devices", added Minohara.

Commenting on the new campaign, Shashank Srivastava, chief general manager – marketing at Maruti Suzuki India, said, "The Estilo was launched in 2006 and had not done as well as we expected it to. When we re-launched in August last year, we wanted to double our sales figure of 2500 and almost managed to do so. The brief given to Dentsu was to help us grow even more with a TVC to show the Estilo as a clutter breaking car. We wanted to show the good quality provided by the car along with technology and sophistication and Dentsu has managed to achieve that."

Along with the TVC, the campaign is going to be supported by BTL activities for two-three months in December which will also use the crash test dummies idea. A website; www.comealive.in has also been created for the campaign.


Campaign title: Come Alive

Client: Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

Brand: Estilo

Creative agency: Dentsu Creative Impact

Team Dentsu 

Team Lead: Junichi Minohara

Account Management: Ranjit Gupta, Harikrishnan Warrier, Kirat Grewal

Planning: Kartikeya Srivastava

Creative: Satya P Ranjan, Manavjit Mohil 

Production Company & Other Details:

Full Moon Productions

Producer: Anand Kumar

Director: Marlon RodriguezDirector Of Photography: Kartik

Post Production:

Facility: Prime Focus, Mumbai

Head-CG: Raj Tambaku, Assisted By Craig Periera

Post Production Duration: 2 Months

Music Director: Rupert (At Octavious Studio, Mumbai)

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