Citibank highlights “moments of success” for customers with new TVC

WATCH the TVC created by Publicis Ambience as part of the new corporate campaign for Citibank India

Citibank highlights “moments of success” for customers with new TVC

Citibank India has launched a new corporate TV campaign focused on the bank’s brand purpose which is creating “Moments of Success” for customers. This is the first time that the bank developed a corporate campaign which focused towards the Indian audience. Publicis Ambience has created the commercial, which has been timed to lead into Citibank’s fourth year of sponsorship of the DLF IPL.

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Speaking about the new campaign, Sanjeev Kapur, chief marketing officer, Citibank India said, “In the past, while we have launched a variety of product campaigns in India, this is the first corporate campaign we have developed exclusively for our India franchise. Our new campaign focuses on showcasing our brand purpose which is about working tirelessly to create the best outcomes for our clients. This is brought to life by showing a series of positive outcomes or 'moments of success' which highlight the many ways in which Citibank touches the lives of customers - be it individuals, their families, or institutions - and puts a smile on their face.”

On the thought behind the campaign, Kapur explained, “The new campaign is a key part of our phased customer-centric marketing strategy. In the middle of last year, we strengthened our visual differentiation by using our most impactful iconography manifested in a dominant blue vignette. Thereafter, we have invested in showcasing our best-in-class value propositions through a series of ‘Powered by Citi’ campaigns centered around the way our products and services power the success of individuals and institutions. Now, the new Moments of Success campaign expresses the emotional connect that Citibank has with clients in creating success and happiness in their everyday lives. Furthermore, it leads into our 4th Season as sponsors of the DLF IPL in which we already have an established Citibank Moments of Success platform.”

Elaborating on the creative brief, he added, “We were very clear that the campaign was not about any particular product or service. It needed to be from our clients’ viewpoint and must evidence the strong emotional connect that Citibank has with our clients’ everyday lives. Creatively, this was achieved by the agency’s use of the photosonic technique that helped amplify the moments of success that put a smile on our clients’ faces. Both the use of fresh talent and a memorable music score were also important aspects of the film.”

Ashish Khazanchi, national creative director, Publicis Ambience, said, “We identified certain interactions with customers which translated into a sense of happiness. We wanted to, in a sense, highlight the outcome of that transaction which creates happiness for customers and brings a smile to their face. In terms of execution, we did not want a typical advertising smile and wanted to capture it using a technique that would help amplify each smile.”

A specialist camera called Phantom that captures high speed shots at the rate of 4000 frames/second was used to shoot the campaign. Typically, this technique has been reserved to capture sports footage.

Agency: Publicis Ambience
Client: Citibank India
Creative Team:
National creative director: Ashish Khazanchi
Creative director: Vivek Rao
Associate creative director: Siddhesh Khatavkar
Copywriter: Shreedavy Babuji
Account Management:
Associate vice president: Sameer Joshi
Associate account director: Megha Bagri
Account manager: Kalyani Murti
Account executive: Pratik Singhania
Films Department:
Films chief: Hozefa Alibhai,
Senior films manager: Istling Mirche
Director: Arun Gopalan
Production house: Storytellers India
Music score: Vipin Mishra 


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