Titus Upputuru
Jun 21, 2013

Cannes 2013: Learnings - Titus Upputuru: 'Film and Television are different things'

That’s one thing that came out clearly on day five, says the Dentsu NCD

Cannes 2013: Learnings - Titus Upputuru: 'Film and Television are different things'

Often, one tends to use the two loosely when we discuss briefs, ideas or even the media plan.

With the advent of the digital revolution, what you hear is this:

Social media is taking over.

It's a new dynamic.

Consumer wants to participate in the conversation. Gone are the days of beaming.

Well, not really.

This morning, with the sunrise, I saw a clear distinction.

The Palias had almost a mile-long queue, which went around like a noodle because there was no space for straight lines.

The program was to begin at 10 am. We were all there by 9:30.

Despite the fact, that most of the people were out partying till the wee hours of morning celebrating the metals and the Grand Prixs that were awarded last night.

So why were we up so early?

Not because Bill Gates was showing up.

Or for that matter, Rihanna.

What everyone came to see was a reel of ad films.

A showcase of films by the youngest, the hottest, and the not-so-known-yet.

After the show, of course, we may not get their dates for months.

Every year, great talent in filmmaking is born here.

It’s called the New Directors’ Showcase.

Which is a cult of sorts that Cannes Lions unveils every year.

So it was a packed house this morning.

And for about an hour, the captive audience merely watched what was beamed upon them.

That was the only participation they did in the monologue.

So the great distinction in my mind is this.

In our business, Television and Film are two different things.

Today's turn out proved, that world over, while we may be spending lesser and lesser amount of time watching television, film content still rocks.

The way we consume it may have changed, but the delight of watching drama, a song, a dialogue, and that edge-of-the-seat experience, is far from over. 

Long live the Motion Picture.

Titus Upputuru is NCD at Dentsu Marcom. The views expressed are the author's independent views as an ad professional and do not reflect the organisation's viewpoint.

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