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Sep 30, 2015

Campaign@8: Newsmakers who headlined our timeline: Arvind Kejriwal

We looked back at eight newsmakers, through the headlines and perspectives, and offered our learnings

Campaign@8: Newsmakers who headlined our timeline: Arvind Kejriwal
As part of the Campaign India eigth anniversary issue, we celebrated 'Newsmakers Who Headlined our Timeline', with the headlines, perspectives and learnings.
Here's the eighth (in no particular order), Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.
From the horse’s mouth
“67 seats is a miracle. It cannot be work of a man, god is trying to tell us something. When there is such massive mandate, arrogance comes in and then nothing remains.”
IBN Live, February 2015
The Times of India – December 2013
The Hindu - February 2014
NDTV – February 2015 
Anisha Motwani, director and CMO, head marketing, digital and direct sales, Max Life Insurance,  Campaign India, January 2014
“As marketers, our foremost task is to create powerful brands that succeed in the marketplace. While traditionally we have looked at iconic Indian and global brands for inspiration, today, it’s time to add Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to that list. His ability to understand consumer’s most prickly pain point, create a brand that addresses it and above all, live upto his brand philosophy in action and not just words... all make him a strong contender to learn brand building from.”
Campaign View
What does the aam aadmi see in a party that has had one tussle too many, within and outside the party, in its miniscule existence? What does it see in a party led by someone who had been accused of being an anarchist during his 49 days in office? Why did they give this party, which calls itself the Aam Aadmi Party, a sweeping mandate the second time around, to bring about change?
The answers are best expressed in a February 2015 (open) letter to Kejriwal written by Sandipan Sharma, published on
“Let there be no delusion that you, Arvind Kejriwal, won this election. You didn’t; this, to use a cliché that has never before sounded so accurate, is the triumph of people. You have been elected because people saw you as an embodiment of their collective fears, problems, anger and the yearning for solutions. You won because in you people saw a reflection of all our intrinsic values: morality, honesty, humility and liberal, secular ethos. Delhi’s people are the party that has won; you, like a jhadoo, are just a symbol.”
(This was first published as part of a feature in Campaign India's eighth anniversary issue dated 4 September 2015.)
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