Campaign India Team
Dec 12, 2010

Campaign India Agency Report Card 2010: Ideas@work

How Campaign India rates the agency: 6

Campaign India Agency Report Card 2010: Ideas@work

Type of agency: Advertising

Company ownership: Independent

Key personnel: Prashant Godbole, Zarvan Patel, founders 

Accounts won: Audelade, Crew Republica, Rustomjee, Bigrock 

Accounts lost: None reported 

The agency managed to retain all its clients through the year, and even added a few small ones. It continued its works on Red Bull, Reid & Taylor, etc and also managed to launch their films division with the Edelweiss television commercials. In the last six months of the year, the agency has hired a couple of people each in creative and servicing. Though the agency did not manage to win big at the awards, it managed one silver and bronze at Goafest 2010. By all means, it was a stable year for the agency with not much to talk about.      

How Campaign India rates the agency: 6

How ideas@work rates itself: 9.9 

In a time when most agencies deferred raises and recruitment (using the climate to retrench personnel), associates at ideas@work grouped together and not only found a way to back the hikes but to recruit for the future as well. On the creative front, in a year when several agencies chose to stay out of the awards shows ideas@work was still there, even if it meant the lowest metal showing in its 3 year history. But it was the establishment of a new Films Group venture that set the tone of optimism with the successful roll out of multiple films for Edelweiss.

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