Campaign India Team
Aug 07, 2017

Campaign 10/10: Diversity in a new light

To celebrate ten years of being in India, Campaign pushes the agenda of using communication as a force for good

Campaign 10/10: Diversity in a new light
Next month, Campaign will complete 10 years of its presence in India.
Over the years, we at Campaign have championed the portrayal of communication as a force for good. We firmly believe that backing a good cause pays rich dividends, apart from the obvious payback of goodwill. Our association with the Campaign for Dignity awards, other ongoing initiatives like rating advertising work on the score of gender sensitivity, or supporting industry initiatives like the IAA Olive Crown Awards, are some highlights that deserve a second mention.
Hence deliberations over the central idea to celebrate 10 years had to naturally stop at doing good to society at large. We decided to take the growing chorus for diversity to a new level, by including economic diversity in the definition as well.
This led to the creation of Campaign 10/10. 
This not-for-profit initiative is to place underprivileged youngsters as interns in advertising agencies. We will then pick up the best from the group and put them through a good communication school and the brightest will be eventually hired by the advertising industry.
The inspiration for this idea was from a session at Cannes Lions 2017. In Stockholm, 50 agencies came together and recruited 300 children from the less privileged parts of the city as interns in their respective agencies. After a three month internship, the brightest of them were sent to prestigious schools like the Berghs School of Communication to refine their craft. Some of them were even recruited by leading agencies like Forsman and Bodenfors, the creators of the legendary Volvo Truck ads. Called the Stockholm Open, the initiative is now spreading to six cities in Sweden.
When we discussed this initiative with agencies and industry bodies, the initial response has been very heartening. Industry leaders have not just agreed that this is a great cause, but have offered to enhance it in different ways.
Today, we unveil the cause to the advertising and marketing community and invite their participation to offer internships to the students.
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