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Feb 15, 2013

Bang In The Middle forays into Kerala

Partners Satyan Nair, co-founder of Stark Communications, to run operations from Trivandrum

Bang In The Middle forays into Kerala
Bang In The Middle has announced its foray into the Kerala market. The agency will initially operate from Trivandrum and has partnered Satyan Nair, independent advertising consultant and co-founder of Stark Communications, to run operations. Nair has served at multiple agencies in the Middle East, including one at Young & Rubicam, Dubai.
On the partnership, Nair said, "I think Kerala is on the cusp of some interesting changes in the advertising arena. For years, home grown brands have grown in 'God’s own cocoon', so to say, and unfortunately have not been able to upscale their communication to match the growth of national brands. But there is hope. Bang In The Middle will bring in a new kind of thinking. Besides, we probably will be the only agency that has the capability to address the digital marketing sphere without moving from our traditional platforms. Personally, teaming up with Pat (Prathap Suthan) is amazing. We go a long way back in time. And I am sure he will bring in that breath of fresh air that a new Kerala requires."
Prathap Suthan, managing partner and chief creative officer, Bang in the Middle, added, "As a Malayalee, and as someone who’s always been connected to the advertising industry in Kerala, I am thrilled to be able to officially start business in my home state. I am especially thrilled that I am back with my first boss (Satyan Nair), and I am sure we can together bring great value to clients in Kerala. My relationship with Satyan goes back 25 years, and without doubt, I would put his credibility, craft, and competence on par with the best in the country."
Naresh Gupta, managing partner and chief strategy officer, Bang in the Middle, stated, "Kerala is a brilliant market for an agency like ours. With its huge literacy levels, pulsing media, and growing digital acceptance, I cannot see why Kerala can’t define itself as India’s most online-savvy market. From fashion, to gold, to real estate, to Ayurveda, to media, to tourism, there are opportunities for everyone. I would think that we have strategic, marketing, and creative strengths that clients would want to gain from in a hurry."
Here's a long copy ad (written by Suthan) on the agency’s Facebook page announcing the Kerala foray:
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