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Apr 18, 2013

Babita's blog: Friendship B( r )ands

The author points out that while competition is healthy, so is friendship - and both can co-exist.

Babita's blog: Friendship B( r )ands

Was reading about two chocolate brands on social media and how, in spite of being competitors, one responded sportingly to the other on Twitter.

Sometimes I feel we take the army jargon that has become part of the advertising lexicon too seriously. Rivals. Flanking strategy. War games.

What about friendship?

In a world where brands are donning their human avatars more strongly than ever, friendship cannot just be a consumer - brand one. 

And obviously, I don’t mean friendship tactics like a bread endorsing a cheese. Or a fitness shoe endorsing a gym. That’s like choosing friends conveniently for mutual gain.

I mean one bread brand celebrating another. At times.

Because we cannot rule out the competitive spirit that drives innovation and value.

Friendship can be expressed in many ways.
A humorous repartee. A good laugh can wipe away many undercurrents.

An appreciation of a new launch. Brand X celebrates the launch of brand Y. 

Joint sponsorship of social good and sustainability initiatives. Some of this is being done but begs momentum through collaboration rather than being a tool for recognition or association.

Shared forums. Two food giants talking about well being. Three brands developing a new gaming experience.

Sponsor common expression platforms. Communities.

And other possibilities.

The world is moving, or attempting to move, from conflicts to camaraderie.

We have more friends than enemies. (If the Facebook friends count holds true).

There are unified interests, communities of all kinds and forms.

Raised voices against a common cause. Could be anything from a lost doggie to water conservation to human rights and more.

Brands who are friends can join in with much more impact - a shared budget, a shared voice.

So yes, while competition is healthy, friendship is too.

Both can co-exist.

Maybe it is time we rolled out those Friendship B( r )ands.


(The views expressed are the author's independent views as an ad professional and do not reflect the organisation's viewpoint.)



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