Shephali Bhatt
Feb 25, 2012

Adtech 2012: "We've to build nine different experiences for a service," says Satyan Gajwani of The Times Group

Satyan Gajwani, director - new media, BCCL, delivered the second keynote address on day 2 of adtech 2012

Adtech 2012:

Day 2 of adtech India saw Satyan Gajwani, director - new media, The Times Group (or BCCL) deliver the second keynote address which centered around evolution of entertainment, commerce and content in the digital world.

Gajwani started off by saying that as an organisation and a player in the digital world, they are still trying to experiment with a lot of strategies like many other players in the sphere. He said, "With mobile and tablets comes along a lot of complexity in the business. We have to build nine different experiences for a service to be effectively exposed to the consumer."

Getting right into the technology bit, Gajwani mentioned that the html file format comes forth as the saving grace amidst the complexity rampant in the digital world. He said, "The html five is crucial in a cross-platform strategy and one shouldn't overlook that aspect."

"If the buzziest thing about 2011 was e-commerce, 2012 will be all about consolidation," he concluded. 


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