97% prosumers rate privacy as a key attribute: Havas Media report

83% are ready to boycott brands that do not have a transparent data collection policy

Nov 15, 2021 08:47:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Havas Group has released its periodic Prosumer's report. The report decodes the 'Future of e-commerce’ through structural research. 


The focus group for this survey maps 3,000 consumers in market areas of Brazil, China, France, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 


It details a global perspective on the future of e-commerce, capturing information and insights on the sector. 


According to the report, prosumers are 15-20% of consumers, who are first to the market (usually 6-18 months ahead of the mainstream), forward-thinking, influential, proactive, social and environmentally conscious. 


Highlights of the report: 


  • 66% spike witnessed in demand for shopping on social media. Post-pandemic, the desire to replicate in-store/mall experiences has led prosumers to seek community shopping experiences from the e-commerce industry
  • 68% e-commerce platforms interact with shoppers
  • 97% prosumers rate privacy as a key attribute and 83% are ready to boycott brands that do not have a transparent data collection policy. Consumers are not averse to data sharing and demand transparency regarding what data is being collected
  • 68% prosumers expect their e-commerce shopping experience to be personalised and have AI offerings 
  • 95% prosumers demand eco-friendly packaging
  • 69% want to see e-commerce organisations commit to sustainable practices across the value chain
  • 8 in 10 Prosumers prefer the online shopping experience over the traditional format of in-store purchasing


Pritha Dasgupta, CMO, Havas Group India, said, “Prosumer is Havas group’s global report that is released 3 to 4 times every year, each one covering a specific topic. It is one of the longest-running thought leadership properties that has become instrumental in predicting emerging trends in consumer behaviour.” 


She added, “Over the last two years, digital adoption has become a way of life. If we specifically look at the e-commerce sector, it has become a breeding ground of innovation and in the last two years, every leading company in this sector has grown aggressively. Our latest prosumer report gives a clear direction to the industry of where this e-commerce sector is headed, and also identifies trends of the sector.”