75% of Indian sports fans use social media over broadcast services for content: Grabyo report

94% of fans in India want to switch to online streaming platforms exclusively

Jul 21, 2021 08:50:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Grabyo has released its 2021 Sports Video Trends Report, highlighting the video viewing and purchasing habits of global consumers. To get to the findings, it surveyed over 15,000 consumers across 14 countries.
Over three-quarters of sports fans in India use social media as a primary channel for video viewing, with 94% wanting to use online streaming platforms exclusively, according to the report. 
The study also found a high demand for free-to-access sports content across social media and stated that 73% preferred to see more live sport broadcasts, whereas 62% wanted more instant highlights and social videos.
The fans’ mindset with regard to lack of streaming options has increased their demand for the availability of more streaming services in the future. The report also suggested that viewers might stop viewing live sport, if made available only through broadcast TV subscriptions.
Grabyo’s findings in 2019 stated that 53% of global sports fans who paid for video services would switch exclusively to streaming by 2024. In 2021, 45% of fans pay only for streaming services. However, by 2026, the pay-TV market will have only a 28% customer share of global sports fans.
Broadcast TV subscriptions have fallen by 9% among global sports fans, while online streaming subscriptions have increased by 41%, as per the Grabyo data findings since 2019. 
94% of fans in India want to switch to streaming exclusively, whereas 37% of these fans would pay up to Rs 499 per month for a streaming platform that carries sport and 21% would pay up to Rs 749 per month.
Elliot Renton, EVP and head of APAC, Grabyo, said, “This data shows that broadcasters and media rights holders across sport must continue to act fast to align their video and platform strategies with consumer demand. Fans in India are demanding, they are tech savvy and highly engaged. The broader industry must further grow access to content for younger audiences across streaming platforms and social media and in different formats. Attracting younger viewers and enhancing user experiences will be the focus across the India market over the coming months.”