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WATCH Worldwide Media's Tarun Rai and Sona Bahadur talk about the launch of their new food magazine GoodFood in India

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Campaign India met up with Worldwide Media's chief executive officer, Tarun Rai, and the editor of GoodFood's India edition, Sona Bahadur, to talk about the new magazine and the explosion in good food.

On whether the time is ripe for the launch, Rai said, "The Indian market seems ripe for a magazine like GoodFood. The reason for that is in the last five-seven years, there has been so much interest and activity around the food space that it's unbelievable - whether it's the kind of ingredients that are now available, from vegetables to restaurants serving new cuisines. There is a lot of experimentation in the area."

On what is unique about GoodFood, Rai said, "The differentiator that we bring in is that we are the experts. There is no single source right now of all things food. When you have expertise, you do things the right way. We're doing unique things with the GoodFood magazine, including having our own kitchen and making sure that whatever we put in the magazine is tested first (not just once, but three times)."

Talking about what readers can expect, Sona Bahadur said, "GoodFood is already the world's most loved food magazine. The golden formula of triple-tested food recipes has been proven the world over already. What I'm doing as editor, is a local connect with Indian readers. There are significant differences in the UK and Indian markets, the most significant being that in the UK people cook every day, so there are constantly looking for recipes for everyday cooking. Here people often rely on domestic or part-time help for daily cooking; it's on the weekend that they make a lifestyle statement and experiment in the kitchen. We also have a huge vegetarian base in India and to cater to that is a dedicated section in the India edition."

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