Weekend watch: Zomato’s well-timed cameo in Tesher x Jason Derulo’s ‘Jalebi Baby’

Lyft makes an appearance too

Jul 16, 2021 04:59:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Zomato has made a quick appearance in singer-songwriters Tesher and Jason Derulo’s now viral music video – Jalebi Baby. Tesher’s original number didn’t have Derulo on the vocals, but the new remix has changed things up. The song is a fun, catchy number with jalebis as the hero.
However, the video, which shows Tesher and Derulo working as waiters in a restaurant, served as the perfect setting for Zomato to make a quick appearance (especially when they drop the jalebis and need a fresh batch, stat). The song’s new avatar released on 13 July 2021, just a day before Zomato made its much-talked-about stock market debut.
Ride-sharing app Lyft was the other brand to be seen in the video, right at the start!
Brand integrations and music videos aren’t new, but the impeccable timing on this one deserves a mention. Sorry Lyft, but this one belongs to Zomato!