Weekend Watch: Canada's HomeEquity Bank taps world's most notorious conman to 'catch the scam'

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Aug 27, 2020 06:08:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Canada based HomeEquity bank has released a 'catch the Scam' campaign as it looks to educate users about bank fraud.
The series has been conceptualised by Zulu Alpha Kilo and is hosted by Frank W. Abagnale, a former conman turned world-class security expert. Abagnale was played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can, the Steven Spielberg film based on his remarkable life story. 

Abagnale had defrauded banks of nearly $2.5M and led authorities on a global manhunt by the age of 21. After spending five years in prison, he would go on to work for the FBI to help them catch cutting-edge cheque forgers. 
Yvonne Ziomecki, EVP and CMO, HomeEquity Bank, said, “Scammers are turning their sights on older Canadians – and HomeEquity Bank knew we had to act. According to our survey with Ipsos, more than half of Canadians 55 and older say they’ve been a target, with one-in-three saying they’ve fallen victim to a scam. With Catch the Scam, we’re empowering older Canadians with invaluable insights into how to detect and prevent a scam from taking place. In other words, they’ll now be able to fight back and beat these criminals at their own game.” 
Each episode reveals how scammers extract money from people by preying upon their various emotions over the phone. 
Zak Mroueh, founder and CCO, Zulu Alpha Kilo, said, “Creativity can make a dent in real society issues. But putting another public service announcement into the world would only go so far. Ultimately, we set out to blur the lines between education and entertainment.” 
Client: HomeEquity Bank 
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo 
Chief creative officer: Zak Mroueh
Creative director: Irfan Khan
ACD/art director: Kevin Sato
ACD/writer: Vinay Parmar
Account team: David Tremblay, Jenn Gaidola-Sobral
Strategy team: Tim Hopkins, Sean Bell 
Client: Yvonne Ziomecki, Vivianne Gauci, Erin Wilson, Niary Toodakian
Media: Iquanti
Media team: Justin Lee and Yogesh Garbyal
Public Relations: Provident
PR team: Morgan McLellan and Matt Roth
Production company: Zulubot/Levelwing  
Director: Mills Allison
Producers: Mitch Cappe, Kristina Loschiavo
Post production: Zulubot 
Executive producer: Tom Evans
Editors: Ashlee Mitchell, Shiv Harrilal 
Motion graphics: Ashlee Mitchell
Colour: Felipe Chaparro
Audio: Noah Mroueh