Warah puts a name to the faces of women in Bangladesh

Watch the film conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson here

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Warah has rolled out a campaign to highlight the issues that Bangladeshi women face in regards to losing their own identity and name. 
Conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson under its nationwide initiative ‘The Nameless Women Project’, it aims to help women regain their sense of self. The film showcases different stories of women in Bangladesh and strives to increase self-awareness and a sense of pride in women. It showcases how women in various parts of Bangladesh lose something that is dear to them, their name. They are somebody’s mother, wife or sister, but rarely are they referred to by their own name. The film highlights the activation by Wunderman Thompson and Warah in Sangamukh village, Bangladesh.
Tista Sen, regional creative director, Wunderman Thompson South Asia, said, “Your name is the most important thing you own and what creates you. Your sense of self and your self-worth begin with how the world addresses you. To weave your name onto your sari is to acknowledge who you are as a human first. And that’s what women need to feel.” 
Chandni Kapur and Ashish Pathak, vice president and senior creative director, said, “To not be called by your name but get referred to as someone’s wife or daughter or sister can be quite corroding for self-confidence. The power of this idea was to rightfully give women back their name, their sense of self-worth.” 
Client: Warah
Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Chief creative officer: Senthil Kumar
Regional creative director: Tista Sen
Senior vice president and executive creative director: Mogrelia
National planning director: Shaziya Khan
Vice president and senior creative director: Ashish Pathak and Chandni Kapur
Associate vice president: Aditi Shivdasani
Global business director (Unilever):  Hinoti Joshi


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