Pooja Ahuja Nagpal
Aug 30, 2012

WagonR Pro says ‘Big like India. Smart like you.’

WATCH the TVC created by Dentsu Creative Impact here


WagonR, Maruti Suzuki’s car 'for the smarter race', is out with a new campaign to reiterate its range of features.  

Created by Dentsu Creative Impact, the story of the ad revolves around a group of friends (actor Madhavan, and Raghu Ram and Rajiv Ram of Roadies fame) travelling in a WagonR. One of the twins breaks into a song which co-relates each feature of the car to an Indian state. The second brother also joins in while Madhavan merrily drives along. However, when he asks about how the car is like Chennai, the twins scoff at the question. At this point, Madhavan spots a young woman waiting to hitch a ride. He stops the car, and asks the brothers to get out and push it. When they do, he quickly drives ahead, picks up the girl, and says, "Chennai jaisi very smart." The ad ends with the voice-over, "Big like India. Smart like you."

Soumitra Karnik, national creative director, Dentsu India, said, “Some time back, I remember reading a big feature in a publication on how all car advertising is plain vanilla and they show nothing but car shots driving down long, winding roads. Cars are not just functional, they mean a lot to the people who own them and drive them. So when we got a brief to a write the next communication piece on Wagon R, we started with an attempt to change this notion. The Wagon R was already positioned as a car for those who make smarter choices. We found out that Wagon R is one of the largest selling cars across the length and breadth of the country. So this fact helped us crack the idea - 'Big like India. Smart like you.'"

Commenting on the cast of the TVC, Karnik said, “Madhavan has been the brand ambassador for Wagon R for a long time. So all we needed was a little conflict in the casting to make the ad more engaging. That is how we thought of Raghu and Rajiv. Two hugely popular names and their brazen image only added to the fun."

Client: Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Creative agency: Dentsu Creative Impact
National creative director: Soumitra Karnik
Account management: Amit Wadhwa, Swapnadip Mazumdar, Preetika Verma,
Priya Agarwal
Planning: Kartikeya Srivastava
Chief films officer: Suprotim Day
Director (of the film): Lolita Sarkar, Amitabh Sinha
Production house: Bob and Lola Entertainment
Post production studio: Famous Studios
Music credits: Amar Mangrulkar
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