Unilever looks to spread sunshine, in phase one of Project Sunlight

Project launched in India, Brazil, Indonesia, UK and US; watch the online films here

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Unilever has launched Project Sunlight, a global long term initiative to motivate millions of people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. Project Sunlight aims to make sustainable living desirable and achievable by inspiring people to look at the possibilities of a world where everyone lives well and within the natural limits of the planet.
It was launched on Universal Children’s Day - 20 November - in Brazil, India, Indonesia, the UK and the US.
The initiative ‘encourages people to believe in a brighter future for the planet, encourages people to make choices and contribute to a sustainable future and finally join the global movement of Project Sunlight’, informed an official statement from the company.
The movement is promoted by a digital film ‘Why bring a child into this world?’, created by David, with the support of Ogilvy & Mather, Latin America. It features Shah Rukh Khan donning the role of a narrator, directed by Academy Award-winning Errol Morris.
The film features sets of expectant parents from various ethnicities who voice their anxieties on bringing a child into the world in its present state. These parents were then shown a film which began with scenes of warfare, rioting, tsunami and children growing up against a background of poverty. But the tone of the film then moves to a positive one with the voice over addressing the fears of the parents and says that everyday more food is being grown; new technology is ensuring that clean potable water is provided to millions. The voice over continues that illnesses would be prevented by everyday products and that children of future had better chances of having a healthier heart than any person living in current times. He elaborates that these children would probably meet their great grand children. The voice over asks parents to breathe calmly and bring their child into the world as there has never been a better time to create a better future for everyone, including those who are yet to come. The film goes on to show the emotional reactions of these parents to the message.
The film ends with a super that reads: ‘Because there’s never been a better time to create a brighter future, Unilever is launching Project Sunlight. Take action to make a difference at projectsunlight.com’.
On the global initiative, Keith Weed, chief marketing and communications officer, Unilever, explains in a statement on the company’s website: “Project Sunlight aims to galvanise and build momentum behind a movement that is already happening. We know people all over the world want to adopt more sustainable behaviours, but need these to be easy and to fit with the way they live their lives. As a global consumer goods company, we have the means to help people realise this ambition. We have extensive experience and research into what drives - and what limits - mass behaviour change. From this experience, we know that parenthood creates a profound shift in people’s view of the world and what the anticipated future will mean for the lives of their children.”
“In the first stage of Project Sunlight, we are inviting people to take three simple actions. We want to help people see a brighter future; in order to do this, we are inviting people to watch a film online which aims to inspire and motivate people. We want to encourage them to act by doing small things which, added together, contribute to a better society and environment. Ultimately, we want people to join the movement and become part of a growing community of likeminded people and organisations who all want to play their part in building a brighter future,” Weed added.
Also watch another film created especially for India featuring Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Client: Unilever Brand Global
Creative agency: David / Ogilvy & Mather
ECDs: Joaquin Cubria, Ignacio Ferioli.
CDs: MatiasLafalla, Ramiro Gamallo.
Account lead: Jessica Davey
Head of production: Veronica Beach.
Account team: JustinaLioyLupis, LucilaMengide, Carl Joseph Juresic, James Royce, DaneHamer.
Producers: Alejandro Falduti, Joaquin Guiraldes
Planning: Tom Donovan, Nazia Du Bois, Jodi Shelley.
Production house: Moxie Pictures
Director: Errol Morris
Executive Producer: Robert Fernandez, Dawn Laren
Producer: Julie BilsonAhlberg
Director of Photography: Robert Chappel
Production Designer: Steve Hardie
Production Supervisor: Dina Marie Piscatelli, Charlie Henderson
Mumbai Production: Firecracker Films
Executive Producer: Meeta Khann


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