Turtle makes a pitch to #SaveLittleShelly

Watch the digital campaign conceptualised by J.Walter Thompson here

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Turtle, a men’s lifestyle brand, has launched a digital campaign to conserve endangered turtles with the #SaveLittleShelly. 
The campaign comprises of four animated films conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson, of which three have been launched. The brand has created what is billed as a ‘World Turtle Month’ initiative. The first film was launched on 1 May while the fourth one is slated to be released on 23 May. Each film prompts viewers to like, share and donate to help the baby turtle Shelly go to the next part of her journey. After garnering a certain number of likes, the story moved forward through a subsequent film.
The protagonist is a baby turtle named Shelly on her journey right from hatching to trying to make it to the sea.
Part one sees Shelly hatching out of her egg. Shelly can be seen making her way across the beach towards the waves. The film ends with a call to action to donate to the cause.
Part two progresses to show the shadow of a predatory bird that Shelly tries to get away from. She makes her way to a small burrow nearby. As the present danger passes, Shelly hears a sharp snap only to find that the burrow is inhabited by a crab. She makes her way out and the film ends with the call to action message.
In the third part, we see Shelly near the beach, only to find herself threatened by a small kid with a stone in hand. The child throws the stone but misses his target. As the child is set to take another go, he is scared off by a jeep entering the frame. The jeep goes over a petrified Shelly. The call to action appears on screen as the little turtle lies shaking.  
Client: Turtle
Creative agency: J. Walter Thompson



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